Memorial Day

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I look around and see the people of this country that has served in one military branch or another, they made a decision to serve our country. To do things that most people would never imagine doing, many have paid with their lives and what do the other soldiers do, they continue to push forward in the honor of their fallen brothers and sisters.

I sit as people like most other holidays, have lost the true meaning of what the day means, they take to rush to the beaches, look for sales that might be good, but usually are not, they just bait you in.

Most people don’t to talk with their children about what the day means, its interesting when you ask a child what this day is meant for and they will tell you so many reasons what they think its meant for, but not remembering the fallen soldiers or the ones that have served or are currently serving and even the future soldiers.

It is truly sad when you look at it that way, but not all hope is lost, for in the mist of it all there are people that truly care and take the moment to remember the ones lost and currently serving, even if its for a moment they pay the respect that is well deserved.

My neighbor an 85 year old man, comes out of his house on this day and puts up a new American flag, he does so with pride and eyes filled with tears, he might not always remember the days or even remember what time it is, but he never will forget what he went through and how many friends he lost during the wars.

This is one thing that I wish we did not have to have, no need to send such young people to go to places that they would never go and for so many lose their lives. So I ask you to think about your freedom and take a moment, even if its a small moment out of your day, pray for the ones that have fallen, for the ones that are still serving, for the ones that served and made it back home. We appreciate every single one of you. 


My daughter is now 11 years old, she is growing up a lot quicker than I would like, but as time does go by she has to grow and things happen that I as a man have troubles sometimes understanding. 

The like need to want to dye her hair, when I think her brown hair is beautiful the way it is. Get her nails done, when nails actually grow by themselves, its fine to paint them, but to get fake ones makes no sense to me whats so ever. These things I don’t seem to understand and when I ask whats the big deal, well I get the your a man thing.

I am a single father trying to understand the way young girls think. I have honestly had to learn new things, that I might not have learned if it wasn’t for the fact that my ex-wife decided that she want to walk out on us when our daughter was three years old, she would pop up every so often, then five years ago, she decided to completely leave and start a new family, we haven’t heard from her since.

As a guy i wanted a tomboy a girl I could throw a ball too or watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon, yeah that never happened.She goes crazy in the makeup department, well actually anything to do with what I call girly, she does hate pink though, I am proud of that.

In closing, I have had to learn new things that I know that I would not have had to if her mother was around, I have to learn from braiding hair all the way to when she started puberty. I know there are many more things that I have to learn still and asking my mother which happens to be seventy years old only makes me feel more awkward, two different generations me trying to understand them both, now that’s funny, men aren’t from mars, men simply just have never taken the time to listen and learn. I am happy that I’ve had the opportunity to raise my daughter, its been hard and I’ll tell you more next time.